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"My teaching is largely inspired by an improvisational theatre mantra: "Let Go, Play Big, Notice More". For me, these three directives offer a rich foundation that enables personal growth, radical creativity and heightened awareness. I aim to foster environments in which students can work together to generate experiences that yield discovery. I work to transform students' discoveries into knowledge through proposing provocative questions for written reflection and discussion. By empowering students with tools and strategies to self-construct their learning journey, students can learn in a way that is specific to their personal curiosities and motivations. Above all, I am adamant that explorations in the studio can and should apply to everyday life. How are we becoming better friends / citizens / humans through this work together?"

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Improvisation is about making choices. The first step is to absorb information from your surroundings. The second step is to process this information through selection or modulation. The final step is taking action. This class provides exercises to practise immediate and relevant choice-making. Anything is possible, but you can't just do anything.

Key skills:

  • heightening awareness
  • accessing imagination
  • recognizing and breaking habits
  • taking creative risks
  • activating / tracking the mind


Studying "togetherness" through dance is largely about listening: through your eyes, your skin and your ears. The key question here is "How do we want to be together?". Everything about your being, including your action and your inaction, has implications for the group. In this class, we will explore the intricacies of teamwork, within both the intimacy of a duet and the anonymity of a mass.

Key skills:

  • deepening our listening
  • honest communication
  • taking initiative / giving space
  • arriving at compromise

Creative Process

The artistic work of each individual is as unique as their personality and history. How can we make choreography that is truly our own- not paying homage to an icon or accepting theatrical defaults? The challenge of making dance lies in the balance of being specific with your intention while staying open to possibilities. This class offers students an opportunity to exercise their creative agency within structured proposals.

Key skills:

  • questioning personal identity
  • recognizing assumptions
  • letting go of preconceived notions
  • committing to choices
  • focusing on the process

contemporary Technique

Contemporary technique tends to be elusive. If being "contemporary" means being "of this moment" then every "technique" created in the past is not contemporary. This class changes the focus from the "WHAT" of codified techniques to the "HOW" and challenges students to redefine what it means to be contemporary in every moment. 

Key skills:

  • developing mobility and stability
  • accessing alignment
  • investigating muscle efficiency
  • experimenting with movement textures