"I believe that the aliveness of live performance is rich with possibility when listening and transparency are held in equal balance with spontaneity and action. The work of a performer is to search for a way to access the choreography and respond to the moment / situation in a way that doesn’t succumb to the easiness of "autopilot" and muscle memory. Making decisions in real time creates the potential for failure -- a necessary risk to differentiate contemporary performance from the foolproof-ness of entertainment."

"If performance is a practice of exhibiting both success and failure, a question emerges: How can I bring honesty to my performance in a way that acknowledges my own insecurities?"


Influences and Fascinations

On saying and doing only what you can stand behind:

Being Impeccable with Your Word

A brilliant lady who transformed my thinking about performance:

Jeanine Durning

Making magic out of the mundane, through performance: 

Antony Hamilton Projects

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