"My teaching is largely inspired by an improvisational theatre mantra: "Let Go, Play Big, Notice More". For me, these three directives offer a rich foundation that enables personal growth, radical creativity and heightened awareness. I aim to foster environments in which students can work together to generate experiences that yield discovery. I work to transform students' discoveries into knowledge through proposing provocative questions for written reflection and discussion. By empowering students with tools and strategies to self-construct their learning journey, students can learn in a way that is specific to their personal curiosities and motivations."

"Above all, I am adamant that explorations in the studio can and should apply to everyday life. How are we becoming better friends / citizens / humans through this work together?"

Influences and Fascinations

Thinking about wrongness:

On Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz

Radically reinventing the structures that support learning:

A school in Norway has abandoned teaching subjects

Breaking the cycle of poverty, through arts education:

Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP)

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Professional Classes


High schools

  • Rosedale Heights (Toronto)
  • Unionville High School (Markham)
  • St. Roch Secondary School (Brampton)
  • Cawthra Park (Mississauga)

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