"I am inspired by the inherent and inevitable incompleteness of process. Driven by choreographic questions and philosophical curiosities, I strive to cultivate unique situations that invite contemplation and connection. "


Contemplating motivation and responsibility

Driven by personal questions and grounded in conversation and reading, this solo project is a process of dissecting assumptions, owning privilege, revisiting accountability, refining values and uncovering new lines of inquiry. My interest is in honouring the inherent impossibility of definitively “finding answers” by focusing my attention and effort on consistent reflection and revision, allowing new questions to emerge and priorities to shift. In concrete terms, I am embarking on this project to deepen my understanding on my role as an artist; to lay a foundation of WHY I'm doing what I'm doing to support WHAT I'm doing and clarify HOW I'm doing it.

Supported in part by the Toronto Arts Council, with funding from the City of Toronto


Possibilities of Dialogue

A collaboration with New York-based dance artist Marielis Garcia, this multi-phase project is driven by the question: How can we facilitate an artistic dialogue that is responsive to and inclusive of the audience? The work of this project is to search for a way to interact with our audience and each other that doesn’t succumb to prescribed solutions that aim to generate a specific outcome. Instead, our interest lies in pursuing our curiosities and creative impulses with rigour and commitment while allowing the “conversation” to unfold in a way that is organic and emergent.

Supported in part by Dance Initiative (Carbondale, USA), Kaatsbaan International Dance Center (Tivoli, USA), Inception to Exhibition (New York, NY) and TOES FOR DANCE (Toronto, Canada).

Influences and Fascinations

Learning about your work, from your work:

Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

On activating change and choreographing environments:

Switch by The Heath Brothers

Challenging traditional choreography through inter-species interaction:

The Equus Projects / OnSite NYC

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  • OnSite/InSight Festival (Winston-Salem)
  • Our Three Voices (Stockholm)
  • STUFFED Judson Church (New York)
  • Broadway Connection Beat (New York)
  • FRESH BLOOD (Toronto)
  • ITE Dance Festival (New York)
  • Wave Rising Series (Brooklyn)
  • Dumbo Dance Festival (Brooklyn)
  • Steps on Broadway (New York)
  • ArtPowersArusha (Arusha)
  • Juilliard-in-Aiken Festival (Aiken)